Welcome to our online store. We are a specialist hair replacement service and will always prefer to provide you with your hairloss solution through our salons and private in store consultations. However due to physical distancing and isolation requirements we understand that some of our clients may choose to purchase our products online. Please know that I am available to speak with you about styles and colours before you purchase. You can speak with me by calling (03) 9459 7210 or email info@tammylobatowigs.com.au We are also available for private consultations at our Heidelberg or Berwick salons - by appointment only - practising strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols. Regards, Tammy

What to expect from Tammy Lobato Wigs

I created Tammy Lobato Wigs to provide for a gap that existed in the alternative hair market. For more than 40 years I had been searching for realistic and high quality wigs. The constant search was futile but more importantly I couldn't find anyone selling the wigs to provide me with the level of service I wanted and needed. No-one provided the compassion and care I felt I needed, having the Auto-Immune diesease, Alopecia since I was 3, resulted in me having no hair for the next 40 plus years. I really felt that I deserved better than receiving my new fake looking, shiny wig shoved in a brown paper bag by a salesperson with no experience with hairloss. I often overheard conversations between those undertaking chemo and the salespeople and felt the emptiness that resulted from the client desperate for someone to empathise with their sudden and traumatic hairloss that would now define them as a cancer patient. 

So I created the environment and experience I always wanted.

From my lifetime without hair, I provide the experience people without hair need - as do my staff who also have hairloss experience. We provide high quality, realistic wigs and toppers while providing care and compassion in a private boutique. Then we back it up with ongoing service, advice and maintenance service.

Tammy x