Welcome to our online store. We are a specialist hair replacement service and will always prefer to provide you with your hairloss solution through our salons and private in store consultations. However due to physical distancing and isolation requirements we understand that some of our clients may choose to purchase our products online. Please know that I am available to speak with you about styles and colours before you purchase. You can speak with me by calling (03) 9459 7210 or email info@tammylobatowigs.com.au We are also available for private consultations at our Heidelberg or Berwick salons - by appointment only - practising strict physical distancing and hygiene protocols. Regards, Tammy


  • Hair Toppers for hair thinning ... life changing

    When I positioned the first Topper onto the top of her head, covering her almost bald patches and creating additional volume over her whole head, she burst into tears, causing Mark to stand up and bend over her hugging her tight as she sat in front of the mirror. It was as if years of worry, depression and anxiety created from Karen’s hair loss was being released at her relief that there may well be a solution for her hair loss.
  • What to expect from Tammy Lobato Wigs

    We provide high quality, realistic wigs and toppers while providing care and compassion in a private boutique. Then we back it up with ongoing service, advice and maintenance service.
  • Wigs for Women – Increasing participation, productivity and confidence in the workplace and everyday life

    Many of my female clients tell me that they are more concerned about the hair loss than they are about the cancer or its treatment because the loss of hair is akin to a loss of femininity given its status as a symbol of female beauty.

    At first this kind of sentiment shocked me but as someone who has worn wigs for women all my life, I realise the importance of the wig for me is equal to that of natural hair to them.